How old (tall) ~ ? 英訳

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  1. How old are you? - I am sixteen years old.

  2. How old is your mother? - She is forty-one years old.

  3. How old are those children? - They are five years old.

  4. How tall are you? - I am one hundred and sixty-five centimeters (one meter sixty-five centimeters).

  5. How tall is John? - He is five feet nine inches.

  6. How tall is he? - He is over two meters.

  7. How old is this castle? - It is about eight hundred years old.

  8. How much is this dictionary? - It is four thousand yen.

  9. How much is this picture? - It is twenty thousand yen.

  10. How much is that house? - It is thirty million yen.